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Coffee Talk: Self-Healing Azure Applications

As digital transformation has accelerated, IT is facing increasing complexity. Applications are distributed, containerized, and built on microservices architectures. We are building applications faster than ever, to be more sophisticated than ever. While observability tools have stepped up to the challenge to support these complex IT infrastructures, incident response continues to be a duct-tape of sequenced automated and manual tasks.

Basic automation that is a patchwork of scripts or task-based has perpetuated an inefficient way of responding to problems, with IT barely keeping the machine running. Now, in this era of hybrid IT infrastructure where the state and scale of applications can change in seconds, and the impact of an outage is 1000 times worse, time and inefficiency are no longer a luxury.

Automation must step up to become more event driven if IT must step up to these challenges.

Watch the on-demand recording to learn how you can optimize your Azure infrastructure and build in resiliency with automation. In this Coffee Talk, we discussed the foundations of event-triggered automation, including:

  • The “core loop” of a self-healing Azure application
  • Designing automation workflows to detect and repair errors
  • Enhancing infrastructure resiliency to drive positive business outcomes

Watch recording

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