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Gatepoint Research Reveals Why Automating Employee Self-Help Is Required in a Hybrid World

Consider this: Results from two recent Gatepoint Research studies revealed that 32% of respondents are looking to reduce service desk requests with self-service automation, and yet, only 4% state they have implemented automation via a virtual agent for non-business hours.

Although we are in the second year of Covid, most ITSM organizations have not redesigned employee support for a hybrid world. The impact of not automating the resolution of IT questions and issues is being realized in lost productivity and diminished employee satisfaction. There are significant benefits, however, being realized by enterprises that have automated employee self-help with a virtual agent.

In this on-demand webinar, Espressive and Resolve Systems dive into the findings of the Gatepoint studies and their implications on the state of IT. Experts from both companies discussed the symbiotic relationship between virtual agents and IT automation, and how the two combined can drive superior employee experiences and help enterprises surpass their SLAs. After all, with remote and hybrid workforces here to stay, strategies to help your L1 support team are paramount.

In this replay, you’ll learn:

  • What employees really think of IT support today and how the right automation technologies can help
  • The top complaints employees have with IT self-help and how to overcome them
  • Benefits realized by companies that have implemented IT automation

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