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We empower you to deliver meaningful business outcomes through IT software consulting and managed services that are 100% risk-free, adoption-focused, and surprisingly simple.

Intact Technology is re-defining the future of IT services, making them more human-centric than software-centric, eliminating as much risk as possible for the customer, and dramatically reducing the cost and time to deliver new capabilities. Intact has seen a growing demand, as our customers are accelerating their digital transformation, for our managed service that delivers everything a customer needs to be successful including an OpEx, predictable cost subscription, must like the software itself.

With this in mind, Intact developed Intact Zero, combining its human-centric implementation approach with its highly innovative managed service model in a single OpEx subscription. Intact Zero provides customers with software, comprehensive implementation services, and a fully managed service to manage and enhance their software in a single OpEx subscription. Intact Zero helps customers do more with less, faster, by eliminating implementation risk, scope creep, cost sprawl, and the need for a CapEx investment. Intact Zero finally changes the services consumption model to match that of software consumption models, and defines Intact as a Managed Provider Plus firm, the top category of TSIA's (Technology Services Industry Association) supplier model.

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