December 6, 2019 • Resolve Staffer

A Fireside Chat with Light Reading

Light Reading’s Phil Harvey recently sat down with Resolve’s Larry Lien at Network Virtualization and SDN Americas to explore how communication service providers (CSPs) are benefitting from automation, what types of processes can be automated, how to successfully navigate the automation journey, and how Automation Centers of Excellence can accelerate digital transformation.

How Automation Helps Communications Service Providers

There’s unprecedented change happening right now in the communications industry. CSPs are implementing new technologies like 5G and SD-WAN while moving everything to the intelligent edge. These organizations must be more agile today than ever before. Automation is precisely what enables that agility.

A recent survey by BearingPoint shows just how significant the move to digital transformation is. The survey found that 69 percent of organizations consider digital transformation a number 1 priority, yet only 26 percent are actively engaged in implementing these initiatives. One of the underlying reasons for this disconnect is the simple reality that most organizations today are caught up in reactive projects – putting out everyday fires – rather than planning these new, forward-looking initiatives.

Automation Benefits for Communications Service Providers

One of the key benefits of automation that Lien highlights in the interview is enabling communication service providers to spend more resources on digital transformation initiatives. Watch to learn more about the different means that automation improves services for end users and internal customers.

Successfully Navigating the Journey to Automation

Lien and Harvey also explored the trend toward building centers of excellence across multiple departments. As a company is building a center of excellence, how should you be changing to incorporate automation and setting yourself up for success? Watch the video to find out!

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