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IT Process Automation

Process Automation for IT. What is it?

Just as any other business function, IT runs on processes on a day-to-day basis. IT processes are complex, since they involve a number of tools and applications. They can touch a variety of hardware as well, be it network switches, virtual infrastructure, or cloud services. A great example is new employee onboarding. Although on the surface, this seems like an HR job, the process usually starts with an IT ticket in an ITSM tool and can cut across multiple IT teams for completion. The processes often require very specific and specialized skillsets, making it complicated for a single person to orchestrate across these different systems.

Most organizations are at a maturity level that has defined standard workflows or steps for each process. For example it’s tracked in an ITSM tool and starts with a ticket; it is then assigned to a subject matter expert (SME), and the ticket is updated with progress and resolution.

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